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Home/Office Water Fountain

Bring the soothing sounds of flowing water to your home or office with this beautiful OORIUM waterfall fountain. The resin construction is weatherproof and easy to clean, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It's also lightweight and easy to move, so you can place it wherever you need a little peace and tranquility.


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Enhance The Ambiance

This ornamental piece is designed to bring tranquility and positive energy to your home and workspace, creating a soothing atmosphere for increased productivity and focus. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and serenity to any home and office setting.

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  • Note

    1, Power before submerged in water may damage the product.
    2, Do not touch the nebulizer during operation.
    3, please turn off the power when not in use to extend the service life.
    4, the atomizer produces water mist. When the water mist hits the table, it can form water. This is a normal physical problem called condensation. If you see water on the table, not a damage of the leaking product, just the temperature of the table top is lower than the water mist, causing the water mist to turn into water. Just put a small towel under the product to fix.

  • Pump installation method:

    1. Connect the water pump and water pipe and connect them together;
    2. Adjust the size of the pump switch to the suitable position.
    3. Place the connected water pipes and pumps in the right place for the product
    4. Pump flat and then add water to the fully submerged water pump, plug in the power can be normal operation.

  • Protections:

    1, the pumps need to be placed in the water work well, the pump is waterproof design;
    2, the battery in the water surface should exceed the maximum height of the pump at least 1-2cm, can extend the life of the pump;
    3, if the water is not large, please check the pump on the water switch is open to the maximum;
    4, up to 3-5 days for water, half a month to clean the pump, you can extend the life of the pump.